Hackers don’t holiday. I know of a client, who, a couple years ago, was hacked right around the time that Santa was delivering gifts. Which, needless to say, was inconvenient. She (and I) had to work on evicting the intruders all Christmas day, and then battening defenses, etc, etc.

This is going to be a short post today, because my hope is to work very little today, but I’ll be aware, and watching. Well to be more accurate, my monitoring will be aware and watching. To be more precise, I’ll also check in here and there to watch the watchers, because of course smart hackers can disable defenses and monitors.

I’m also not going to tell about all the new defenses we eventually installed to batten things down. That would be giving my tricks to the enemy. It would also be giving valuable consulting for free. This blog page is all about free consulting, but some things need to remain “for pay”.

Merry Christmas to all, even you hackers. Thanks for being so entertaining even when you’re very bad. Actually the Sony hack was way more funny than any movie I’ve seen in over 10 years, but to be fair, Sony isn’t my client.

Sony, you should give me a call.

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