Do you have a security threat model in place? What’s a security threat model?
When we talk about security threat model, it means that we discuss, document, and diagram who we’re protecting sensitive information from. It matters to a large business, and it also matters to an individual. There’s been a lot of talk lately about government agencies’ ability to read your information. And so it should matter to you who can read it, and at what lengths it will take them to read it.
There are many interest in protecting and stealing information, at the government, business, and individual level. So there will always be innovation and disruption in the encryption field. And so your information can never be 100% secure, no matter who you are. But if you use information services, and you would like to protect some of that information and resulting network traffic from others, the first thing you want to do is define who those “others” are, and that’s what we’re starting to talk about when we talk about “Security Threat Model”.

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