We offer a new Graymail Blocking Feature which blocks mail not considered spam, yet is still a nuisance to recipients. Some of these types of email include unsubscribe options that do not work. Spam is easy to define – unsolicited email that a recipient does not want nor has asked to receive – unlike ‘graymail,’ which is usually legitimate bulk mail that was requested by the user in the past, but is no longer wanted by the user.

In the latest release of McAfee Email Protection is a pre-built content policy that can be leveraged to easily identify and block Graymail, McAfee has identified four sources of Graymail that will be addressed by the new filter:

  • Legitimate bulk email that a user once wanted but no longer wants and is now viewed as annoying.
  • Vendors who obtain the email address of an individual and sign them up for emails that the user would normally opt into.
  • Customers attending trade shows who are asked to register with vendors to win items. Per the agreement for the show, this results in a marketing opt-in.
  • Opting into a bulk mail feed that automatically adds the user into additional, unrequested feeds.

Attributes of graymail filtering include:

  • When enabled, graymail is aggressively filtered by the spam filter and shows up as spam in the Spam Quarantine and in reports.
  • User-level and admin-level Allow lists bypass graymail filtering.
  • Any user that opts into the Graymail filter and receives a false positive resulting from the filter should add the sender to their Allow list if needed. Do not report graymail triggers as a false positive.
  • Blocked/denied graymail is logged in Message Audit as spam, and displays as a spam content keyword violation. For example, the message below was denied because the word ‘webinar’ is in the message. “Webinar” is one of the pre-defined graymail content triggers.

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