Nagios is the premier monitoring application. Like a swiss-army knife, Nagios is highly versatile and extensible, and works very well for monitoring the health of any type of system or application, checking practically anything you can measure numerically and/or with simple “OK, WARNING, CRITICAL” status. It comes with all sorts of service checks for protocols, system load, memory, process tracking, and SNMP. New service checks can be developed rapidly when no “out-of-the-box” service checks fill a requirement gap. For over 10 years, Nagios has watched guard over systems and applications, mostly in the IT startup world. Since the core Nagios application is GNUv2, a lot of people were able to get their hands on the code and write new plugins to check more services, and contribute these back to the Nagios community. Nagios can check all sorts of devices and services from routers to PDUs to database applications and email server queues.

Nagios XI is an excellent addition to the Nagios family. Where the free Nagios Core is an excellent open-source application, enterprises wishing to have support and database integration should purchase Nagios XI. Nagios XI is Nagios Core plus database extensions and graphing. The graphing parts use the database as a source for information.

Rex Consulting, Inc. is proud to be a partner of Nagios Inc. We have very successfully deployed it at several major corporations. Our Nagios deployments have resulted in increased reliability of system and application monitoring, significantly reducing the amount of false-positive alerts, and decreasing MTTR of thousands of applications.

We will implement for you a process of evaluating and auditing your monitoring and automation gaps and requirements which will enable you to evolve your ability to monitor your applications’ health. Good monitoring is a practice, not an end state. Audits should be conducted regularly and, as many IT application environments are far from static, new checks are frequently identified. By tracking all of this in a central location, and managing it, you will add significant intelligence to your operations and know about application problems before your end user does. Rex Consulting has experience with a wide range of clients, from small startups to very large telcos implementing Nagios. Please contact us if you’d like more information on how to add this intelligence to your network. We’d be happy (and pretty darn quick) to set up a demo to show you what Nagios can do for you — right in your own environment. Give us a call!


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